Get engaged

A society is only as engaged as its members. Here’s how you – whether Olympian or newcomer – can get involved in building a better Society of Sport.

  1. Get regular inspiration. Sign up for the Society’s mail list below. We send out inspirational food for thought weekly (usually).
  1. Recruit. We need to invite current, and prospective, athletes to the Society. Nobody gains when athletes have to try to figure out everything on their own. Send them the link to our website, a copy of the postulates, or tell them about the Society’s mail list.

  1. Discuss. Start asking the questions to your teammates, your fellow competitors, and even other athletes you don’t know. Their perspectives are important for you, and yours for them. Engage them in discussing the whys and hows of sport.

  1. Exemplify. Once you think you’re starting to find the answers, or even if you’re still on the fence, try and embody the principles described in the postulates and take note of what happens. Bring these experiences to the table, and use others in the Society as a sounding board. (We’ll keep you posted on how to connect with others soon).
  1. If you want to get engaged in another way, feel free to reach out by email: contact (at) We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.